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Cross-linkable Rotomoulding Compounds

Cross-linkable Rotomoulding Compounds

Zebra-chem GmbH manufactures Masterbatches which are used to produce cross linkable rotomoulding compounds. This rotomoulding compounds are made normally from HDPE.

The masterbatch which is suitable for the production of a rotomoulding compound contains usually a peroxide and an additive pack and will be delivered as an easy and safe to process granule. Due to the formulation there is no need to worry regarding transport and storage regulations. In a second compounding step this masterbatch is used to produce a rotomoulding HDPE compound which is then ground to powder before used in the rotomoulding process.

By using our masterbatch the usually cross linking levels of rotomoulding compounds are in the range 65-90% (method Soxhlet, 16H, Xylol)

During the step of product development we offer to measure the level of cross-linkinging   in our lab for our customers.

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