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EVA encapsulating film

Overview of Zebra-flow Masterbatches for the production of EVA encapsulate films for solar cell applications

Among other products Zebra-flow produces Masterbatches for the production of EVA encapsulate films with different additive packages. This additive Masterbatches offer the following advantages over the pure additives.

This table shows the standard formulations available

Heat and UV
Silan package
Zebra-flow T177 X
Zebra-flow T201 X X X
Zebra-flow T181 X


  • Safe to handle

  • Easy to process, no gel formation
  • Carrier resign with high VA and high MFI (both values > 30)
  • Easy to dose (with every standard masterbatch dosing unit)
  • Different Additive combination available
  • Customised formulations available

Function of each additive:


Peroxides are required to stabilise the film mechanical and thermal. When the film is produced (extruded) it is important to ensure that the mass temperature of the film does not exceed 100°C to avoid cross linking of the film. Such a pre-crosslink would make the film unusable for the final application.

Heat and UV stabilising

To ensure long term stability of the EVA film an extra stabilising of the film is required. Zebra-flow T179 contains a combination of peroxide, stabiliser and silan (see below) and has proven to give excellent dispersion of all additives in the film.


A good adhesion between the EVA film and the glass surface is vital for a long time stability of the solar cell. This adhesion is greatly improved by the silan package.

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