All our products are running through a quality control by our in-house laboratory.

Method of measurement Mesurement parameters
TGA – thermo-gravimetric analysis
  • weight loss
  • decomposition
  • ash content
DSC – differential scanning calorimetry
  • onset-definition of
  • Melting point determination
MFI – melt flow index
  • melt flow index
definition of particle size with laser diffraction
  • allocation of particle size
  • D.10, D.50, D.90
moisture content
  • moisture content IR method
level of cross-linking
  • Soxhlet Method
  • different solvents
film extrusion for gel count
  • gel count by camera
  • evaluation via PC Software
IR spectral analysis
  • IR spectrum according to request

On enquiry we can offer the following analyses for your samples.

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