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Microsphäre Masterbatch

(expandable hollow micro balls)

Zebra-chem GmbH produces so called expandable Microsphäre masterbatches. This microsphäres are very small gas tight and gas filled polymer balls which are, once they reach a certain temperature start to expand due to the internal gas pressure and the softening of the shall which happen at the same time. They are used to produce extreme fine and homogeneous foams without disadvantages like decomposition products.

Compared to the industrial standard which is 65% loading we produce 75% loaded masterbatches based on different types of microsphäres with an EVA carrier resin. This reduces the amount of carrier polymer as well as the compounding cost.

On customer request we offer this masterbatches made to a customer specification with different reaction temperatures. Parallel we also offer a range of standard grades readily available which we would like to introduce to you on request.

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